There are many organisations and initiatives that also engage in intercultural worship music! They are listed below. And if you have a question for them, don't hesitate to contact them!

Aradhna Music

This group focuses on the South Asian diaspora, with special focus on Hindi worship songs. Aradhna's music is a powerful blend of Indian classical melodies, rhythm, and thoughtful lyrics, intertwined with folk & rock; an intimate yet powerful sound. The group (which includes Chris Hale and Peter Hicks) is located in Canada and the United States.

Arts Release

Arts Release is a collective of creative arts specialists who love Jesus and people of other cultures. They enjoy expressing God's love through various art forms. They train musicians and churches in multicultural worship. They also provide people with training that focuses on how music, drama, storytelling, dance, and visual art can be used for cross-cultural missions. Arts Release is part of WEC International. On their website they collect various intercultural songs.

Heart of the City Band

Keywords: Gospel, Reggae, Native American, Messianic, Contemporary Christian, Latin, Bhangra, Jazz, Rock

The focus of their ministry is on bringing racial and denominational unity and reconciliation to the Body of Christ. They have made songs from a broad variety. Many of them are to find on YouTube. They have released 8 CD’s which can be found on their website.

Proskuneo Ministries

Proskuneo exists to glorify God and promote unity in the Body of Christ through multilingual, multicultural worship gatherings, worship resources, and training in order that lives be transformed and nations come together to worship God.


Worship Together in Your Church as in Heaven
A most practical guide for the context in which we are working! In this amazing book Josh and Nikki show a surprising view on cultural diversity, applied to the specific setting of worshipping God in a church full of intercultural relationships. They also provide in a practical overview of liturgical possibilities in shaping an intercultural meeting. Recommended!

By Nikki Lerner, Josh Davis Published April 2015

Paperback ISBN: 9781426788062
eBook ISBN: 9781630884284

Worship and Mission for the Global Church offers theological reflection, case studies, practical tools, and audiovisual resources to help the global church appreciate and generate culturally appropriate arts in worship and witness. Drawing on the expertise and experience of over one hundred writers from twenty countries, the volume integrates insights from the fields of ethnomusicology, biblical research, worship studies, missiology, and the arts.
This book is the first in a two-volume set on the principles and practices of ethnodoxology. The second volume is entitled Creating Local Arts Together.

The second volume, entitled Creating Local Arts Together, guides the practitioner through a detailed seven-step process of assisting a local community’s efforts at integrating its arts with the values and purposes of God’s kingdom.
This manual is the second book in a two-volume set on the principles and practices of ethnodoxology. The first volume, entitled Worship and Mission for the Global Church: An Ethnodoxology Handbook, presents in textbook format the central “Foundations,” “Stories,” and “Tools” designed to equip readers in exploring more fully this important new field of research and ministry.