About Songs2Serve NL

‘All the nations you have made will come and worship before you, Lord; they will bring glory to your name.’ — Psalm 86:9

Songs2Serve is part of Intercultural Church Plants (ICP). This organization supports a network of intercultural church plants in the Netherlands. Since the year 2000, a lot of experience with intercultural worship has been gained in these churches. To bundle all experiences, Rieneke Visser founded Songs2Serve in 2014.

Songs2Serve helps churches to shape intercultural worship, with the goal that all people can meet God in the language and music of their hearts.

Songs2Serve offers:

  • A collection of songs
  • Training days
  • Workshops
  • Participation in events

There was also a need for the work of ICP and Songs2Serve outside the Netherlands. This is how ICP Europe and Songs2Serve Europe were created in September 2017. Rieneke has been focusing entirely on Songs2Serve Europe since July 2019. Since then Songs2Serve NL is being run by Annemie Vos, Corlinda Zonnenberg and Adriaan Zonnenberg. Annemie and Corlinda focus on practical and organizational work and Adriaan is a web developer.


Song collection

Together with a team of musicians, song writers, worship leaders, and pastors we are compiling a database of songs to help intercultural churches. We translate, compose and arrange music from different cultures so that it is fitting for our churches. As Songs2Serve we are part of the ICP network and we are connected to many other organisations worldwide that face similar challenges.

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Training day

Every year, Songs2Serve organizes its training day. On this day, musicians from churches from all over the Netherlands come together to attend workshops and gain inspiration on the theme of intercultural worship. Experienced musicians are invited, to train the participants in small groups. Topics covered include playing intercultural songs, band coaching, vocal coaching, vision building, and more.